LiveBeyond Summer Camp Application

LiveBeyond Summer Camp Application

Kè Pou Timoun Summer Camp Application

Thank you for applying for Kè Pou Timoun Summer Camp with LiveBeyond. Before applying, please thoroughly read the internship requirements. By submitting an application, you are confirming that you will abide by all of these requirements.

When filling out the application, please be as specific, accurate and thorough as possible.


1. This is not a paid position.
2. All international applicants must have served with LiveBeyond on at least one mission prior to application.
3. The Kè Pou Timoun Summer Camp service period is three weeks. Dates will be arranged to coordinate with LiveBeyond mission week schedules.
Camp Counselor travel schedules must be carefully coordinated with LiveBeyond staff prior to purchase of airline tickets.
4. Counselor expense is $30 per day of your stay in Haiti. Funding must be received by the LiveBeyond staff in Nashville no less than three weeks prior to camp start date.Airfare is to be purchased by each individual.
5. The LiveBeyond Base in Thomazeau, Haiti is very remote. All personnel must be able to be satisfied with extremely limited social activities.
6. The LiveBeyond Code of Conduct is strictly enforced for all members of the LiveBeyond team. Violators will be sent home at their own expense.
7. Transportation for interns will be provided between the Port-au-Prince airport and the LiveBeyond Base at arrival and departure times. No other transportation should be expected.


Liability Waiver

Please review the Liability Waiver. Your consent will be required as apart of this application.

Code of Conduct

Please review the Code of Conduct. Your consent will be required as apart of this application.