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Help us reach our goal to expand our hospital complex and the healthcare infrastructure accessible to those in Thomazeau, Haiti.
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Haiti is overcome with a multitude of problems: a corrupt government, intense poverty, and no organized health care system. When the 2010 earthquake struck Haiti, it further devastated the struggling country. Diseases were spread, lives were lost, and few medical facilities were left standing with skilled staff that could provide adequate care for the suffering people.

Today, Haiti still lacks a health care infrastructure. In larger cities, you can find a medical facility, but they frequently have poorly-trained medical personnel, little to no equipment, and horrible treatment plans. In Thomazeau, most locals cannot afford medical care, even if it’s an emergency situation. With no insurance plans or savings, they were often left to suffer or die without any medical attention before LiveBeyond established a permanent presence in the community.


We’re currently building the first operative hospital in Thomazeau, which will include a clinic, a surgical hospital, an OB/GYN ward, and an in-patient hospital. Americans doctors come to LiveBeyond's medical clinic on a monthly basis to serve on a medical mission week to provide the community with basic medical care. More than 14,000 locals have been treated. Once the hospital is completed, 200,000 people in the region will have access to preventive care, health care check-ups and treatments, and many other services.

The majority of people in Thomazeau are barely hanging onto their life. We believe that we are called to care for these individuals, not just care about them. By healing people’s physical needs, we are striving to bring the Kingdom of God to Haiti to restore their physical, spiritual, and emotional health. 


This surgical hospital will be the second step in the hospital complex. Not only will this building provide a clean, safe space for surgeries to be performed, but it will also be used to train Haitian doctors and nurses in better medical practices. 

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